Increasing need to satisfy attractiveness standards it, hair colour trend have seen a steady increase over the last couple of decades. I sure, as hell didn’t. Thus, let us tackle the most fundamental of hair methods now, will we?

Which Are Highlights?

Highlights is they are streaks of blond hair running through brownish base colour. This couldn’t be farther from the reality. Highlights are small sections of hair which are lighter compared to the base colour (which may be your natural hair colour ). More frequently than not, the colour of your highlights are a lighter colour of your foundation colour. So somebody with dark or light brown hair can get pale brown highlights, gold blonde highlights will match deep honey blond hair, etc.

When it comes to highlights are Done with the assistance of aluminum foils. The size, positioning, and tone of these highlights could be planned out exactly when it has to do with picking the hair look you’re trying for.


What’s Balayage?

Balayage is a French phrase which means’to sweep.’ In this method, the dye is trapped or stained onto parts of the hair in a freehand manner. Normally, the dye is implemented from the mid-shafts into the ends of their hair. To begin with, the dye is put on the underside most part (near the nape of the neck) of the mind. Then, the waist of your mind is worked upon and the upper part of hair is coloured directly at the conclusion. Cellophane is put between every layer of hair.


Highlights which are only a couple of shades lighter than your foundation colour. Considering that the highlights are not so saturated and the base pieces of hair are rendered dim, balayage highlights include a lot of depth and dimension to your hair. The nearly ombre effect and milder tips also give your hair that ideal obviously sunkissed look.

So What’s the Difference Between Balayage And Highlights?

When you get down to the Nitty-gritty of highlights and balayage, you’ll observe that the distinction is essentially what you’d see involving a Park Avenue Princess along with an LA Beach Bum. Confused? Allow Me to break it down to you:

Highlights follow a structured pattern And more closely positioned than balayage. Therefore, balayage combines more seamlessly, in your own hair than highlights.

While highlights are performed by saturating the Section of hair right from the roots to the ends, balayage is done by painting the dye from midshafts into the ends.


Should you need more intensely lightened Highlights, then you need to go for transparency highlights since they use aluminum foils to match the colour.


Since highlights have been done directly from the Roots, you’ll have to continue touching them up every couple of weeks once they develop out. Since balayage isn’t done directly from the origins, it develops more naturally and demands lesser upkeep.


Balayage adds dimension and depth to your


5 Highlights Hair Appears


  1. Light Blonde Highlights

If You Would like to change your hair appearance but Do not wish to go too jazzy with this, then a few blond highlights will do just fine for you. These wealthy highlights to bring outside the attractiveness of her obviously chocolate brown hair and give it an air of elegance.


  1. Bright Red Highlights

Fire? Afterward, boydo I have a hair appearance for you. If you are a pure redhead or have your hair coloured at a rich auburn color, then you want to go for some vivid red highlights like those to present its gorgeousness a rise.

  1. Bleached Blonde Highlights

Now Here Is What I love to call an Unconventional hair colour combo. Who’d have guessed that blond and red would go nicely together? And this colour job appears more chic styled at a long wavy bob.



If you are on the trip from dark brunette To completely blonde, here is a pitstop you want to make. Think about opting with this transitional ash hair colour look which uses glowing blonde highlights on dark brown hair. The comparison it generates is magnificent and bound to make you appear oh-so-hot.


  1. Peek-A-Boo Highlights

Hoo boy! Now here is hair which can turn you To a certified trendy woman! All you have to do is get your hair trimmed to a kickass pixie and striking side bang. On the below section of your own sanity.


5 Balayage Hair Appears




In Regards to balayage seems, blonde This ash brown hair balayage is the best illustration of exactly the same. The abundant dark brown foundation of the mane produces a dramatic contrast with the blond balayage and just increases the attractiveness of the look.



  1. Emerald Green Balayage

If there’s 1 hair colour trend that is all The anger on Instagram at the moment, it needs to be gem tones.


  1. Amethyst Balayage

In Case You Have always dreamed of appearing like A magic monster straight from a fairy-tale, here is a fashion that you really must test . This opulent balayage performed in amethyst tones appears magnificent, to say the very least.


  1. Smokey Blue Balayage

Cool toned hair appears have a wonder of Their own that’s fully unmatched. And also this smokey blue balayage proves that. The indigo blue colors of the balayage have been accentuated into the center with the support of grey undertones painted to the hair. Try out this look if you are on the watch for a trendy but understated makeover.


Now that You’ve been blessed with this balayage Singapore again! But do comment below in the event that you have some more questions!